Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's snow fakes, mommy!

I just love it when Abbey is truely excited about something. This morning she came downstairs and into the kitchen, and even though I had told her it was snowing, she took one look at the window and ran to see the "snow fakes". I had to bundle her up good because she wanted to make snow balls as soon as we got to Meme's house. Of course, we pulled into the drive at Meme and Poppie's and I tried my best to put together a couple of snow balls for her (the snow had just started falling so there was hardly enough). She threw them on the ground and just laughed. After we went inside she had to tell Meme and Poppie all about it snowing, her snow balls and throwing them. I just stood back and smiled at how animated she was telling her story. When I left she had Poppie by the hand standing at the kitchen door telling him how "pruddy" the snow is. Not being a big fan of snow myself, I'm suddenly a lot more tolerant of something that my daughter seems to love so much.

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