Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Abbey Girl!!!!

Today is Abbey's first birthday and we are so excited. Clark and I relived her arrival in our heads last night, how I couldn't sleep that night, I finally got out of bed and went in to her room and rocked in the rocking chair to soothe her and myself, how I came back to bed and just as I sat down on the edge of the bed my water broke at 4:15 on a Monday morning. Clark chimed in with how it scared him when I woke him up to tell him and then once he noticed I was calm, he was calm too. Then after a one hour drive, and a stop at the Conoco for breakfast, we made it to the hospital where I just walked in and told them I was in labor. I felt good and walked upstairs to the check in while he parked the car and they had me change clothes, checked me and I was already at 5 cm. I hit 10 cm by noon and Abbey Claire made her arrival at 2:13 pm. We were so happy. I can't believe it has been a year. Happy birthday our beautiful Abbey girl! You are the light in our lives and our love forever!