Monday, May 25, 2009

She loves to play music

But then again I guess I should have expected that. Look at who here parents are. Thought you might like this video of Abbey and Daddy playing music. This has become a regular thing. The most used entrance in and out of our house is through our music room, so now I have to make sure we are ready in plenty of time if we are going somewhere because Abbey can't go pass the instruments without playing something.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I guess we need to watch what we say...

Abbey is learning so many new words, and fast. She can tell you about her "toes", "knee" and the "stick" she likes to drag around the back yard. She knows where her "nose" is and asks for either her "Meme" or aunt "Nina" every morning when she wakes up. The one that we might have done differently came to bite me back a couple of weekends ago. On Saturday mornings I get Abbey up, bring her into our room and put her in bed with Daddy to watch Mickey Mouse for a few minutes. This particular Saturday morning she noticed Daddy didn't have his shirt on and she pointed at his tummy and said "What's 'at?" I told her it was Daddy's "gut". She repeated "gut" and we laughed. It was so cute the way she said "gut". The next day we went to my mom and dad's on Sunday afternoon after church so she could play with her Papa and Meme. While Papa was sitting at the table in the kitchen, Abbey came over and pointed to his tummy and said, "What's 'at?" Papa told her it was his tummy. She looked straight at him and said "gut" and walked off. I couldn't help but snicker because it was funny, but I was a little embarrassed too. I don't think it bothered my dad, he was just surprised that she called it a gut. (My mom laughed too, by the way) We should have taught her to call it a tummy I guess. It is a much cuter term. Last night she was in the kitchen watching me cook dinner and we were talking, going over animals sounds and body parts, and we got to her tummy. She pointed so I asked what it was and again she said it was her "gut". I guess from now on we need to be careful what we call things. Although it is correct (especially for those of us that have a true gut and could stand to lose a few pounds), I don't want her offending anyone. I think coming out of the mouth of a one year old, she can get by with it but it just makes me realize how much she is learning and paying attention to what we do and say. Clark and I have to think before we speak now.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

First Haircut

I decided at the last minute that Abbey needed a haircut before Easter Sunday, Trisha was nice enough to let us drop by on Saturday at 2:00 pm for her first haircut. She did so well. I put her in the chair and she didn't move an inch. She never cried and thought she looked so pretty when it was over. I was so excited that she acted so good that I paid Trisha and left without getting any of her cut hair for my scrapbook. Thankfully, Trisha is a very good hairdresser and put her hair in an envelope and gave it to my dad the next week when he went in for a hair cut. So, here are the pictures I got of Abbey's first haircut.