Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Can you tell...

... it has been another rough week? It was so crazy that I decided to stay home from work today to rest and get some things done around the house. I didn't have anything going on at work that couldn't wait until tomorrow. Besides, I'm almost at my breaking point and I have another batch of work, programs, family get togethers, girls nights, airport meetings, and Avon orders coming up in the next two weeks. Top it off with the news that my dear cousin, Shanna, and her family are moving to Tupelo, MS. There is nothing in Tupelo!!! Well, except an airport and a chance for her husband to advance his career. I wish he could just leave her and her sweet baby boy here though. I think she wishes he could too. She doesn't really want to go so that doesn't help, but she knows it is what is best for his career and hopefully he can return to TN in a few years with knowledge under his belt. Then as a consultant, they can live wherever they want. Anyway, I'm going to miss her a lot. She is my go to person whenever I want to go shopping, or out to eat, or take the kids to see something, I just call her. Well, anyway, I'm going to cry if I type anymore about that. Nothing else has been going on, just trying to keep my head above water. It has been so bad that my little plants for my garden are suffering. I keep forgetting to water them. I might have something to plant in a few weeks, and I might be going to the landscape store to buy what I need. It looks like it might be the second choice. I hope you all are starting to think about your gardens. Trees and flowers are starting to bloom and I think we only have blackberry winter and dogwood winter to make it through before the frost is totally over. So, if you haven't already, start drawing up those plans for planting and I suggest to start buying up canning jars and freezer bags a little each week so you have a great supply when it comes time to put up the food. Have a great rest of the week!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've been busy...

...so I haven't posted this week. I'm sorry. This week is getting to me. I have decided, through the inspiration of friends and family, to really kick into high gear on losing weight. I'm trying to keep up with Weight Watchers to help with nutrition and I'm working out to my old Slim in 6 video to prep me for my new P90X video series. I've done good on the WW this week so far, but I've been a little slack on the exercising. I still don't have myself quite organized enough to fit in the regular workouts, so I've just done the Ab routine and the stretch routine so far this week. On top of all of that, I have a full time job, an Avon order going out this week, the consignment sale starting this weekend (and I'm just now getting my things priced), and I have to work the sale this weekend. Next week I will add a gospel meeting at church, an airport board meeting to listen to presentations by consulting firms and more consignment shopping, selling and working. Throw in an Easter egg hunt and planning my summer vacation for the whole family and I'm beat. I'm not really complaining, although it might sound a little like complaining. I don't know if I could function very well if I didn't stay busy, but I could use a minute to breath after this week. I doubt I will find the time though. I would like to start posting on a daily basis about my workouts, nutrition, and weight loss. My goal is 30 pounds by August. Some of you may know that this year will be my 10th anniversary and Clark and I have decided to plan a big family vacation to the beach and renew our vows. It will be small, fun, and I want lots of fabulous pictures. Other than being pregnant, my wedding day was actually the largest I have been in my whole life and I don't want that to be the case for my renewal ceremony. I want to be skinny in these pictures, so I now have a big goal and that should help me stay focused. I think making it public will help me be accountable for those goals. I'll have more about that in my next post. So, hang in there and don't forget to come visit my blog on a regular basis. I might go so far as to post pictures. MAYBE! Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I got my seeds into the potting soil. I'm about two to three weeks behind my normal schedule for planting my vegetable seeds indoors, but I think it will be alright this year since we have had such a cold winter. I'm so excited that I finally got them planted yesterday and got the trays under the lamps (I'll post pictures when they sprout). I always plant more seeds than I need in the garden to be sure that I have good strong plants. Once I have planted the ones I want outdoors, I give the extras to friends and family. I'm trying some new things this year, broccoli spinach, and lettuce, and I'm going to try cabbage from seed instead of just buying the plants. I have two types of large tomatoes, a roma tomato and then I planted some left over seeds from a packet I bought a couple of years ago. The packet is a variety pack of cherry tomatoes. I love variety packs because you don't know what type of tomato plant it is until you actually see the tomatoes. It adds a little fun to gardening. Well, here is what I have planted so far:

Lettuce (Bibb and Green Leaf)
Tomatoes (Brandywine, Better Boy, Roma and Cherries (Sweet 100, Sungold or Yellow Pear))
Sweet Bell Pepper (California Wonder)
Marigolds (These are great to plant around your tomatoes to help ward off bugs naturally)
Sweet Basil

What do you have planted so far?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Story time with Daddy

Abbey has been very full of herself this week it seems, or we have just been paying closer attention to some of the things she says. Anyway, I had a meeting last night so Clark had to put her to bed. He is very good about following the same routine with her that I do, so last night he was reading her a story, "Farm Animals". With many of these types of books the pages have a picture and one or two words to discribe the picture. Abbey likes for you to ask her what the picture is. Doing it this way has really helped her learn items, colors, and how to correctly pronounce the words. So, in that fashion, the farm animals book has pictures of animals and she will say, "What's that Daddy?" to which Clark answers, "what IS that Abbey?" and she says "It's a cow".

Now, keep that in mind as we are going through the farm animals book. First page is a pig, then a cow, then a horse, and so on. Then Clark and Abbey got to the page with a momma chicken and baby chicks on it.

Abbey: What is that, Daddy?

Daddy: What is that, Abbey?

Abbey: It's a chicken.

Daddy: That's right. And what are those?

Abbey: Uhh, chicken nuggets!

I love the way she thinks. :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Food Revolution

If you haven't seen the trailer for this then check it out on the internet. Simply google Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. This is something that Jamie has been promoting for some time, but he will have a show on ABC starting March 26th and I can't wait to see it. I love him as a chef and can't wait to see the show.

It's snow fakes, mommy!

I just love it when Abbey is truely excited about something. This morning she came downstairs and into the kitchen, and even though I had told her it was snowing, she took one look at the window and ran to see the "snow fakes". I had to bundle her up good because she wanted to make snow balls as soon as we got to Meme's house. Of course, we pulled into the drive at Meme and Poppie's and I tried my best to put together a couple of snow balls for her (the snow had just started falling so there was hardly enough). She threw them on the ground and just laughed. After we went inside she had to tell Meme and Poppie all about it snowing, her snow balls and throwing them. I just stood back and smiled at how animated she was telling her story. When I left she had Poppie by the hand standing at the kitchen door telling him how "pruddy" the snow is. Not being a big fan of snow myself, I'm suddenly a lot more tolerant of something that my daughter seems to love so much.