Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've been busy... I haven't posted this week. I'm sorry. This week is getting to me. I have decided, through the inspiration of friends and family, to really kick into high gear on losing weight. I'm trying to keep up with Weight Watchers to help with nutrition and I'm working out to my old Slim in 6 video to prep me for my new P90X video series. I've done good on the WW this week so far, but I've been a little slack on the exercising. I still don't have myself quite organized enough to fit in the regular workouts, so I've just done the Ab routine and the stretch routine so far this week. On top of all of that, I have a full time job, an Avon order going out this week, the consignment sale starting this weekend (and I'm just now getting my things priced), and I have to work the sale this weekend. Next week I will add a gospel meeting at church, an airport board meeting to listen to presentations by consulting firms and more consignment shopping, selling and working. Throw in an Easter egg hunt and planning my summer vacation for the whole family and I'm beat. I'm not really complaining, although it might sound a little like complaining. I don't know if I could function very well if I didn't stay busy, but I could use a minute to breath after this week. I doubt I will find the time though. I would like to start posting on a daily basis about my workouts, nutrition, and weight loss. My goal is 30 pounds by August. Some of you may know that this year will be my 10th anniversary and Clark and I have decided to plan a big family vacation to the beach and renew our vows. It will be small, fun, and I want lots of fabulous pictures. Other than being pregnant, my wedding day was actually the largest I have been in my whole life and I don't want that to be the case for my renewal ceremony. I want to be skinny in these pictures, so I now have a big goal and that should help me stay focused. I think making it public will help me be accountable for those goals. I'll have more about that in my next post. So, hang in there and don't forget to come visit my blog on a regular basis. I might go so far as to post pictures. MAYBE! Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!!!!


Yoga Gal said...

How did you do at the consignment sale? It took me a whole week to price everything but I made enough to cover purchases and buy Lex a new stroller, woot! :D

Carrie Mc said...

I did well, but I over spent on cute summer dresses for Abbey. She will have a new dress to wear every Sunday for the rest of the summer. I didn't break even, but I'll try to do better in the fall. It was a lot of fun.