Tuesday, July 24, 2007


...we get to see the baby's little face in the pictures. It was really putting on a show today, waving it's arms and wiggling up a storm. I go to my regular OB doctor starting next Friday which means three things, I've made it through my first trimester, I don't have to take shots in my hip every night anymore, and I won't get the cool 3-D pictures every week. What do they say, "two out of three ain't bad." I'm going to miss getting these pictures. Probably the next scan I have will be to see if we have a boy or a girl. The stakes are about even right now. We have family and friends that are going for both. The nurse/midwife that does the scans each week in predicting a boy because she believes she might have scene a little something there, but who knows. She says it is just an early prediction and of course not fact. I've been told it is a girl because of the growing heart rate and a boy because I'm carrying him low. It's not a science just thoughts. Only the scan and the baby can tell. Well, here are todays pictures. Enjoy!

Butt crack?

OK Here is the now infamous butt crack picture of my child. Everyone is wanting to see this one for some reason. I showed it to a couple of people and the word spread fast. Again this is a view from the back. The baby just isn't ready to show us that beautiful face. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, July 23, 2007

How exciting!

Well, I've decided that Carrie Brock is my hero. I check her post daily because she is truely the modern housewife and she always has such great ideas. I often have to admit that in a small town, we don't have some of the great things that Carrie has in the bigger city, like CSA vegetable associations, sewing clubs, milk delivery and the Fresh Markets. A few months back she posted about the cloth, reuseable grocery bags that she was going to purchase at her local grocery and I thought that was such a great idea. My husband loved the thought because he hates carrying in our groceries in those plastic bags that roll around in the back of the car and rip open when he comes up the stairs with food. Well, imagine how excited I was to turn the corner at the frozen food section of Kroger yesterday to see a whole rack of beautiful blue cloth bags for $.99 a piece, insulated for $2.99. I was happy and so was Clark. I thought I would just start out with a few, but Clark kept putting them in the cart. We bought 6 regular bags and 2 insulated. At the check out they told us that you get $.04 off each bag you use, each visit that you use it. They will pay for themselves. They hold plenty of groceries, stand up in my car instead of falling over and rolling around, and the insulated ones even zip to really keep things cold on the way home. It was much easier for Clark to bring the groceries up the stairs. This was the best grocery trip ever. Now if we could just get the milk man to deliver to our small town. Carrie, you are so lucky.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

8 and 1/2 weeks

Well, I'm a little behind with these pictures, but here is our little one two weeks ago when I was at 8.5 weeks. These are the best pictures yet. I love the new 3-D views. The first one is from the back where you can see its little arm and leg buds. In the side view it has its arm up next to its head. Last week it was not in the mood to be seen and wouldn't turn around so we could get a good look. Therefore, the pictures didn't turn out very good. But it was wiggling a lot. Maybe this week will be different. Enjoy!