Friday, July 23, 2010

Snack Ideas

I have a husband who loves to snack and because our baby girl watches her daddy's every move, she loves to snack too. Hubby often complains about me not buying enough snacks and that everything has to be cooked. It is true that I go to the store with a list for our next weeks dinners, but I just hate to buy a bunch of processed snacks that have no nutritional value whatsoever. Today I was looking at all of the wonderful blogs that I have bookmarked that I check daily and saw my friend Carrie B. had actually addressed this subject. I love cucumbers, but never really thought of them as just a peel and eat snack. I want Abbey to have good healthy snacks and her daddy really needs that in his diabetic diet too. For all of you wonderful healthy mothers out there, please give me some ideas on what you give your family to snack on (as many ideas as you are willing to share). Thank you!!!!

PS. Abbeyism - Last night after her bath Abbey went downstairs to give her daddy nite kisses. She walks into the kitchen where he is sitting at the table on the computer. He has his shorts on but no shirt because it is really hot in our house right now.

Abbey: Daddy, I give you nite suggies!

Daddy: Is it time to go to bed? OK then.

(They give each other nite kisses, then Abbey backs up)

Abbey: I see your belly.

Daddy: Yeah?

Abbey: It's purdy.

So, I have a husband with a pretty belly, who knew?

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Abbeyisms

I love when Abbey learns new things especially new phrases. I just wanted to share a few new things she amazed us with this weekend. She is so entertaining right now!

We were at Kroger Saturday and as we were checking out a couple of little boys in line in front of us had balloons. One of them gave his balloon to Abbey (and they say chivelry is dead). When we got home she played and played with it.

Abbey: I love my balloon, mommy.

Me: I know you do sweetheart. It was nice of the little boy to give you his balloon.

Abbey: This is just the best balloon I have EVER had!

Me: (laughing) It is?

Abbey: Yes, it is mommy!

When she woke up on Sunday morning and the balloon was flat she told her daddy, "I need to get another balloon from a little boy, daddy!" Daddy did not take that too well from his little princess. He is not ready to think about her and little boys.

Yesterday, Clark was having some friends over to play music and wanted to clean up the music room so they would have space. It still holds leftover yard sale boxes and some furniture projects for Abbey's playroom. He did make some room and as I was up stairs in the bathroom Abbey decided to go down and see what daddy was doing. All of a sudden my husband comes up stairs and asks, "Did you tell her to say that". The conversation went something like this:

Abbey: Daddy, you are cleaning up the music room a little.

Daddy: Yes, baby!

Abbey: That is a big first for you daddy.

I wish I had put that in her head, but I just can't take credit. She came up with that one on her own.

As we were leaving church last night, buckled into her seat, all the sugar given and good-byes waved, Abbey gazed out the window and says:

"Goodbye church, we will see you on Wednesday."

Pulling around the front, she points up at the steeple and says:

"That's a castle church, mommy!"

She knows her kingdom!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I love my Aunt J!!

I'm so excited, Abbey spent the night at Aunt J's house (Clark's sister) and did very well. She didn't cry at all and didn't ask for me or Clark very much. She has stayed with Aunt J numerous times on days that Meme can't keep her, but never overnight. This week was VBS at Aunt J's small country church so they were really trying to encourage members to bring kids. Since many from my family go there too, I wanted her to attend, and Aunt J has been asking for her to spend the night. It just seemed like good timing. Aunt J was teaching a class so my Aunt Jo went in to class with Abbey, to help out and to put her at ease. She loved Bible school there. I'm really glad that it all went so well. Now she has another place to spend the night if mom and dad have to go somewhere, especially over a long time. It will help Meme out too. What can I say, she loves her Aunt J!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Slow down summer!

Boy, have I slowed down on this blog thing. The summer is just non-stop and I can't keep up. As if that is anything new. My big project is turning the spare bedroom (which was suppose to be my craft room) into Abbey's playroom. I decided that I'm just never going to be able to have my own space and I don't really have crafting time anyway, so I'm giving up the space I longed for to let my little girl have her own playroom. It has been very difficult to keep a clean living room when she uses it as her playground, so now we will not have any toys downstairs, plus we are going to give her the TV from our bedroom so she can watch videos. I don't want a TV in her room just yet, but in the playroom where she and others can watch will satisfy me. I know it seems silly, but that was the compromise for me and her dad. Anyway, with this new arrangement comes some decorating choices and "new" refurbished furniture. I will have pictures of that soon. Once I get in the mood to redecorate, it usually carries on into other rooms. So, I may have a lot of pictures for you. That is all I have to report for now, but I hope it temps you to return to my blog.