Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I got my seeds into the potting soil. I'm about two to three weeks behind my normal schedule for planting my vegetable seeds indoors, but I think it will be alright this year since we have had such a cold winter. I'm so excited that I finally got them planted yesterday and got the trays under the lamps (I'll post pictures when they sprout). I always plant more seeds than I need in the garden to be sure that I have good strong plants. Once I have planted the ones I want outdoors, I give the extras to friends and family. I'm trying some new things this year, broccoli spinach, and lettuce, and I'm going to try cabbage from seed instead of just buying the plants. I have two types of large tomatoes, a roma tomato and then I planted some left over seeds from a packet I bought a couple of years ago. The packet is a variety pack of cherry tomatoes. I love variety packs because you don't know what type of tomato plant it is until you actually see the tomatoes. It adds a little fun to gardening. Well, here is what I have planted so far:

Lettuce (Bibb and Green Leaf)
Tomatoes (Brandywine, Better Boy, Roma and Cherries (Sweet 100, Sungold or Yellow Pear))
Sweet Bell Pepper (California Wonder)
Marigolds (These are great to plant around your tomatoes to help ward off bugs naturally)
Sweet Basil

What do you have planted so far?


Renee said...

we grew Sweet 100s and Yellow Pears last year - yum!

Carrie Mc said...

Sweet 100's are my favorite and I normally buy a plant, so I really hope that one of the seeds I planted was a 100.