Monday, March 28, 2011

A little girl's prayer


God is great, God is good
Let us thank him for our food
And for mommy and daddy
And all our people
And our friends
And Meme and Poppie
And Granny and Grandpa
And pink blanket
Jesus name

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Abbey at a baptism.

We are so joyous that my sweet cousin, Kayla, was baptizied last Sunday. She has been thinking about it for a while, talked to my dad, and talked to our preacher, then made the wise choice to become a Christian. It was a glorious day and a new experience for Abbey Claire. Keep in mind we are a very small congregation and a baptism doesn't happen very often. After her confession, my mom and I got up to help Kayla and her mom get ready. I told Abbey to stay with her daddy. My dad went to help the preacher get ready. Afterward, my husband told me about his conversation with Abbey.

Abbey: Where are they going daddy?

Clark: To help Kayla and Brother Dan get ready?

Abbey: But where are they going?

Clark: Into that little room right there.

Abbey: I think we need to go too.

Clark: No, we need to stay here.

Abbey: But we need to go in there.

Clark: No, let's stay here.

After they were in the water.

Abbey: Why is Kayla in there? Is she taking a bath?

Clark: No, just watch.

After church was over. Abbey says to Kayla.

Abbey: KayKay, I liked your bath.

Our family is so proud of Kayla's beautiful choice to "take a bath".

Let's Catch Up

I thought I would post a few pictures to help catch you up on the things that have happened since I stopped posting. These are just some of the big events that happened back in the fall with Abbey. She is amazing! We are always so surprised at what she has learned, at what she does, and how much she has grown.

Grandpa took Abbey on her first fishing trip in the middle of the summer. She loved being on the lake, she just wouldn't touch the fish.

Abbey started pre-school this year. She just walked into class like it was nothing on the first day of school and has loved it every since.

In September she was asked to be a flower girl in Clark's cousins wedding. My wonderful niece, Bonnie, was one of the photographers and got some great shots.

That will get us through the fall. I'll post about winter next time. :)