Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Story time with Daddy

Abbey has been very full of herself this week it seems, or we have just been paying closer attention to some of the things she says. Anyway, I had a meeting last night so Clark had to put her to bed. He is very good about following the same routine with her that I do, so last night he was reading her a story, "Farm Animals". With many of these types of books the pages have a picture and one or two words to discribe the picture. Abbey likes for you to ask her what the picture is. Doing it this way has really helped her learn items, colors, and how to correctly pronounce the words. So, in that fashion, the farm animals book has pictures of animals and she will say, "What's that Daddy?" to which Clark answers, "what IS that Abbey?" and she says "It's a cow".

Now, keep that in mind as we are going through the farm animals book. First page is a pig, then a cow, then a horse, and so on. Then Clark and Abbey got to the page with a momma chicken and baby chicks on it.

Abbey: What is that, Daddy?

Daddy: What is that, Abbey?

Abbey: It's a chicken.

Daddy: That's right. And what are those?

Abbey: Uhh, chicken nuggets!

I love the way she thinks. :)


Libby said...

Oh my, she's too funny!

Renee said...

love it!!!