Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Well I'm done

My doctor has put me on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy. I have somehow lost amniotic fluid and he is concerned with how low the amount is. My number went from 13 to 6.5 in two weeks and 5 is concidered dangerous. So I have to lay in bed or on the couch and drink lots of water. Of course I have gotten out for Christmas, probably more than I should have, but when I get where I'm going I find a good spot to sit and stay there for the rest of the time. I have to go back to the doctor for a check up on Thursday to see if my fluid levels are better. Clark and I have decided that it is close enough to time now to go ahead and pack our bags and put them and the baby seat in the car. You never know if the doctor might keep us and Abbey comes a little earlier than we thought. I'll let you know how every thing turns out. We are also getting our call list together for those that we are suppose to call when I go into labor. If you want us to dial you up, please either leave a message here or drop me an email. I can still use my Sewanee email and plan to check in often. Let me know if you want to be called, Day or Night, The Day of, After she gets here, or any other option. I'll post more soon. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday!!!!!!!