Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weigh In Week 4

Well, I'm back on track for the time being.  I weighed in at 207 this week which means I have lost 2.5 this week and 9 overall for the month.  Not too bad, especially since I had such a bad week last week.  I still have a lot to work on.  I was a little surprised that I had lost.  I'm still not getting enough water and veggies, and I have got to get a workout routine going.  However, I did put out my fall garden last weekend and that gained me some much needed activity points.

 I also paid closer attention to what I ate and even included some chocolatey treats, but they were homemade and used the least amount of points I could get.  It is hard to cut points out of an OREO milk shake, but I did and portion size was a big key.  It was very rich so I could only handle a cup size portion, and by using Nutella instead of regular peanut butter, low fat milk, and no sugar added ice cream it only came to 8 points a cup.  The whole family enjoy it too.

That is all I have for this week.  I topped it off with a trip to the beauty shop for a new color and cut.  Maybe by the end of this month (October) I will need to go shopping for some new fall clothes, in a different size.

Happy rest of the week to you all!!!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weigh In Week 3

It is time for dreaded week three.  The reason I call it a dread is because for some reason on week three of every weigh lose plan I have ever tried, my body and mind get off track.  This week was no exception.  I actually gained weight this week by about 3.5 pounds.  I weighed in this morning at 209.5 which to most people might be discouraging, but as I mentioned I always seem to have this problem.  I think I get too comfortable with the plan and think I can slack a little and still be alright.  Here are the problems I have found this week:

I ate out three times this week, instead of only once as in previous weeks.
I didn't drink my water like I was suppose to (I have to track it and I didn't meet my water goal one single day this week).
I didn't meet my veggie goal either (I track it also and didn't meet it one single day.)
I have found this week that I didn't measure things exactly, instead I thought I could eyeball servings and clearly my eyes need to be checked.
I didn't take my vitamins each day (I think I only remembered them two days this week).
I did add some activity such as painting Abbey's room and cleaning house, but I wasn't very regular about it.  I just had a burst of energy on Saturday and Sunday.
I didn't eat much for breakfast, but I had heavy dinners, so heavy in fact that I used up over half of my extra weekly points.  I believe I need to be more balanced for the plan to work its magic.
I'm bloated from stress, not enough water, heavy meals, and "monthly" responsibilites, which makes me very fatigued.

These are the things I have to work on this week to get back on track.  Next week, if I get with the program, I should lose the three pounds I gained and possibly more.  Here's hoping!!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weigh-In Week Two

Things are going very well in the world of Weight Watchers.  I love the new commercials with Jennifer Hudson.  I just think she looks great and it is rated the number one weight loss program by USA Today.  That is fantastic!  So, now that I've plugged my program, I bet you are wondering about my progress.  Alright, I won't keep you waiting any longer.  I weighed in this morning at 206, which means I have lost three pounds this week.  YEAH!!!  Because I lost a good amount last week, my points count went down.  Now I can have 32 points a day and 42 extra weekly points to use if I go over.  Four out of seven days I was able to stay within my daily points range.  The other three days that I went over, wasn't by too much.  By the end of the week I still had 36 of my 42 weekly points that I didn't use.  I have earned both my star for losing my first 5 pounds and my star for 5 additional pounds.  My next star will be for losing 5% of my body weight.  I am only 2 pounds from that goal, so I hope to have that one next week.  :)

This weeks personal goal is to add some activity into my daily routine.  I will probably start slow: maybe a brisk walk a couple of times during the week, spend a little extra time cleaning or climbing the stairs at home.  Every little bit can be tracked and traded for food points during the day.  The more activity you do, the more points you can trade for.  This week I just want to add a little, then over the next few weeks I would like to get into a regular exercise routine.

Finally, I'm sad that because I am behind in starting all this and because my husband has been working so much, I am not in any shape to walk/run the 5K for my daughter's school on Saturday.  I was really looking forward to participating in that but I just don't feel that I would do well at all since I haven't been so much as walking lately.  Maybe next year!

So it has been another successful week and I have my next goals set. 
Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weigh In Week 1

Today is my first weigh in for Weight Watchers and it was a great one.  I have lost 7 pounds, which means I am down to 209 pounds already.  This is not really the norm for the week, but it is normal for my first week to be big.  I have lost my water weight which is common for the first week, and this time I had some bloating from my monthly friend that seemed to take a hike.  I really feel better.  I'm sure next week will be a different story.  I am happy to say that for my first week I did pretty good with the points.  I used all my daily points as you are suppose to do and 33 of my 49 extra weekly points.  This too is normal for me because it takes me a week or two to use up the food already in the house and get used to scaling down, but I was very happy that I didn't go over my extra weekly points.  They are there for special occations and I try not to use them when the plan really gets going. I am taking my vitamins and drinking my water and I can tell.

This week I will continue to work on scaling down my extra points used and on portion control.  I have a meal plan worked out that includes more fruits and veggies and some WW recipes that are favorites of Jennifer Hudson (I just think she looks fabulous).  I'm going to really work on the eating this week and then next week, when Clark is back on day shift, I will begin to add exercise and activities to boost myself.  I'm off to a great start!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Unthinkable

I have decided to do the unthinkable.  I'm going to post my weight loss success on my blog.  I would have never in a million years done this before, but since I refer to my blog often to remind me of my past few years, I have decided that it will be a reminder of my progress as well.   When we first decided to try to get pregnant, I had read that lossing weight could help, so I joined weight watchers in 2004 and lost 25 pounds in about 4 or 5 months.  It is the only plan that I have ever tried (and I've tried a lot) that worked for me.  It is a lifestyle change that works.  I have tried just eating healthy, fad diets, quick fixes and nothing seems to work as well as WW.  It forces you to make wise choices and think about what you eat, but most of all how much you eat.  After some stress issues and noticing that lately I just feel bad and bloaty, I have made the choice to go back on WW and get back to simple healthy eating, but not having to give up some of my favorite things.  I love that about WW, you just have to decide if that piece of cake is worth it now, because you will have to eat salad later.  This is a picture of me and my sweet baby girl last year at her cousin's wedding.  Since I am often the one taking pictures of my family there aren't very many full length ones of me, really showing my shape.  So, although this one is a year old, it is the best example.  (Please excuse my white legs, I didn't get out in the sun much last year) I weigh and look the same today as in this picture.  Well, here goes nothing.  I hope you enjoy this journey in pictures as much as I hope to in life!

216 pounds
September 1, 2011