Monday, October 8, 2007


For those of you who know Tessa or read her mom, Renee's blog, you will understand the title. But I believe I have meet Tessa's match. In casual conversation at the doctor's office on Friday, mom and I were talking and I was catching her up on some of my friends and their families. I began telling her about some of the things Renee has mentioned that come out of her 6 year old's mouth. At that point mom starts to tell me about my 5 year old cousin, Courtney, Tessa's soul mate I believe although they have never meet, and some of things she has been into lately. Appartently Courtney got in trouble this week for talking in class. Something I can relate to since that was one of my downfalls as a child. When her mom asked who she was talking to in class she smiled and said, "No one, I was talking to myself." About what, "My baby cousin, Abbey." The first person I thought of when mom told me this was Tessa. Kids think so differently than adults. I just hope Mrs. Dottie, her teacher, will forgive Courtney's facination with my daughter. And yes it is the same Mrs. Dottie that I had as a kindergarten teacher. Imagine that.