Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Abbey at Christmas

I know that I'm way behind on this blogging stuff, but we have had computer problems at home and I have moved offices at work so things have been packed up including my work computer. Anyway, I'm back on track in both places (although still behind for the holidays). I still do not have a tree up because I don't want to risk the chance that Abbey will pull it down. Tonight Clark should have the prelit tree up when I get home and all I'm going to do is stick a tree skirt around the bottom and put a couple of bows on it for color. I decided not to put my ornaments on this year, again for Abbey's sake. Next year we can decorate like normal. She does have a stocking and I will wait until Christmas to put the presents under the tree. We should end up with good pictures and little fuss for this year. So here are a few pictures that Bonnie took for me of Abbey in her reindeer outfit. Have a wonderful holiday season, Merry Christmas to all!