Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weigh In Week 5

I don't have much time to blog this week.  Unforunately, one of my co-workers left the office (not on her terms) and the work has been pushed off to the rest of us.  It has been a very long, difficult and stressful week.  However, among all of that I was still able to stick to my WW lifestyle and here are the results.

I weighed in this morning at 204.5 so I lost another 2.5 pounds this week, which makes my total weight loss 11.5 pounds.  It also means that I reached a weight loss goal of 5% and I got another star.  My new weight loss goal is 10%, so that will get me down to 194.4 pounds.  I hope I can manage that goal by Thanksgiving if not before.

I'm still working on activity level and intake of veggies and water.  With the fast pace and stress of the week and the weeks to come throughout October, I think it will be an ongoing struggle, but maybe by November things will settle a little and I can start planning healthy meals for the holidays. 

I would like to take just a small moment to congratulate my dear friend, Renee, on an accomplishment that I could only dream of.  Last weekend she along with some of her friends ran a 50 K (that's 31 miles, people) and survived.  Not only survived, but did well for their first time.  I'm very proud of her.  Way to go Renee, Julie and all the girls. 

Happy weekend everyone!

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Renee said...

Congrats on your continued weight loss!! I'm so proud of you. I hope the stress of life lifts so it's not so hard to keep up the good work.

And thank you for the shout out! It was definitely an experience. Somehow, I find myself wanting to run it again. Ha ha!