Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What is she saying?

My mom just called me at work and it went something like this:

Meme: Abbey is trying to tell me what she wants for lunch, but I don't understand what she is saying? Listen to her and see if you can tell what she wants.

(she puts Abbey on the phone)

Me: Abbey, honey, what are you trying to tell Meme?

Abbey: Mmmm!

(Meme gets back on the phone)

Meme: Well, she won't say it now. I'll ask her again and put the phone close. See if you can hear her well enough to tell me what she is saying. Abbey, what is it you want for lunch.

Abbey: Abbey want a peee peeeeek.

Meme: So...

Me: No, she can not have "Pink Peeps" for lunch.

Meme: I thought she was saying something like that, and I don't have any.

Me: No, Meme, no peeps for lunch. Even if you do have any.

Meme: Well, we'll see what else we can find. We'll talk to you later!


Yoga Gal said...

Hee! Lex has been walking around saying that things were "Socky!" and we had no idea what she was saying. I finally figured out that she was saying, "Exciting!"

Thank you for stopping by the blog girlie- I am a new follower! :D Katie

Libby said...

That's hilarious!