Friday, April 23, 2010

Catch up

OK Let's play a quick game of catch up for this week. I have not been doing my P90X like I was supposed to, but I do have a little bit of an excuse, and the good intentions of getting back on the program next week. Last Saturday I walked a 5K with my girlfriends. I have never done this before and although I came in last in my age group, I had a lot of fun. I also have a time on my fitness level and I number to beat in the next 5K. We had planned to walk the Dogwood festival 5K, but found out that they are not going to have it this spring, instead they want to wait until the fall. We are looking into walking during the Relay for Life for cancer awareness. It is an over night relay walk, but you can just come and go too so we might go and walk the distance that would be 5K and see how we do, plus it would be for a wonderful cause.

That pretty much wore me out for the weekend, but at the beginning of this week instead of exercise I put out my garden. We have around a 250 sq. ft. area and Clark was so sweet to get it tilled up for me last weekend. I have set out the following plants:

Cabbage - 6
Broccoli - 4
Sweet Banana Pepper - 1
Bell Pepper - 5
Zucchini - 1

I sowed seeds for:

Yellow Squash
Green beans - Roma and Blue Lake
Onions - Sweet, Red, and Bunching
Lettuce - Bibb and Salad Bowl
Cucumber - Straight Eight and Pickling

We did it a little different this year. Last year I put down lawn fabric to help keep the weeds out. That has benefits and it has draw backs. This year we have decided to devote more time to working in the garden and do our best to keep it weeded like we should, so we didn't put the fabric down this time. We will see at the end of this season which works best for us.

I did have my regular Thursday weigh in (just to be curious since I didn't actually workout this week) and I have lost two pounds this week. So the moral of the story is, if you can't workout or don't have the desire, as long as you keep your body moving in some way and eat well you can take a little time off if you need it. Well, we will be out of town this weekend, but back on track next week and I'll report back on this subject then. Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!!!

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