Thursday, January 12, 2012

Week Two Weigh In

I have had a busy week.  Last Saturday was Abbey's birthday.  For a special treat her daddy and I took her out to eat at a place of her choice.  She chose Japanese food.  Then we went to a movie at the movie theater.  We had a great time.  After church on Sunday, which was a special day of celebration for the new families in our congregation, we went out for Mexican with the family.  I didn't eat but half of each of these meals.  Back in the old days I would have woofed down every bite.  It does make for some tasty leftovers.  So, for three days I ate out basically.  Not the best food for my new lifestyle.  To add to it, I have been busy planning Abbey's birthday party which is coming up this weekend.  I'm throwing it all together in a week.  I orginially had the party planned for the end of the month, but my cousin will be in town this weekend.  She always comes for Abbey's parties and assumed it would be this weekend because that is normally around the time I have them.  Anyway, we have had McDonald's and some quick home cooked meals this week because Mommie has been planning and shopping for the party. 

With all of that said, I did gain this week, but only .5 pounds.  Even with all the chaos and bad food I stayed within my points (I used all my daily points and all my flexible weekly points).  I expected it to be much worse, so I'm actually happy that I only gain a little.

Next week I plan to be back on track with my normal life and my normal eating habits.  There is good food and exercise ahead.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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