Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

As promised, I'm back!  It is a bright new year and I'm looking forward to getting back to the grind of weight loss and healthy living.  Over the holidays I had one visit to the emergency room and one visit to the doctor, both for the same thing that was easily fixable.  Due to my old doctor taking a new position at the hospital, I had to face a new doctor who was very willing to let me know that I am not a healthy person.  Something I already knew, but just haven't really faced lately.  I told her that I had a plan in mind and was looking to start after the new year.  It is the new year and I'm back on weight watchers.  I also have an exercise plan in mind and my hubby is on board as well.  He will be working the day shift for a while so it should be much easier to cook healthy meals and fit in some exercise.

I have done pretty good over the holidays.  Although I did eat what I wanted, I also spent some time not eating due to sickness.  Not a weight loss plan that I recommend.  However, overall I only gained a few pounds.

I'm starting the new year at 206.5 pounds and my first goal is to get down to 200 by the end of January.  I have discovered that small goals are a great motivation for me.  I have large goals, but I try not to think about those too much because it always ends in failure.  I can't wait to get back in the kitchen and cook up some healthy food.  I love food!  I love to cook!!!  I have to get my southern roots around some fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and lean cuts of meat.  As always, local is best although it is hard to find this time of year.  I am already dreaming of my summer garden.  In the meantime, I'll do the best I can with my grocery store.

I hope to report each week as I did before and I have a new camera (thank you hubby for a sweet Christmas present) and so I want to take more pictures to document my healthy adventure.  Lastly, I'm looking forward to some 5K's in the spring so training for that will be a key to my healthy lifestyle.  I have been so inactive this past year and it shows...on my waistline, on my face lines, on my inside with difficult breathing and health issues.  I want to have a total body and life makeover to help my body be everything it can be so my life can be as productive as it can be.

Here is looking at a wonderful 2012!!!!!!!

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Katie said...

Happy New Year Carrie!