Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weigh In Week 3

It is time for dreaded week three.  The reason I call it a dread is because for some reason on week three of every weigh lose plan I have ever tried, my body and mind get off track.  This week was no exception.  I actually gained weight this week by about 3.5 pounds.  I weighed in this morning at 209.5 which to most people might be discouraging, but as I mentioned I always seem to have this problem.  I think I get too comfortable with the plan and think I can slack a little and still be alright.  Here are the problems I have found this week:

I ate out three times this week, instead of only once as in previous weeks.
I didn't drink my water like I was suppose to (I have to track it and I didn't meet my water goal one single day this week).
I didn't meet my veggie goal either (I track it also and didn't meet it one single day.)
I have found this week that I didn't measure things exactly, instead I thought I could eyeball servings and clearly my eyes need to be checked.
I didn't take my vitamins each day (I think I only remembered them two days this week).
I did add some activity such as painting Abbey's room and cleaning house, but I wasn't very regular about it.  I just had a burst of energy on Saturday and Sunday.
I didn't eat much for breakfast, but I had heavy dinners, so heavy in fact that I used up over half of my extra weekly points.  I believe I need to be more balanced for the plan to work its magic.
I'm bloated from stress, not enough water, heavy meals, and "monthly" responsibilites, which makes me very fatigued.

These are the things I have to work on this week to get back on track.  Next week, if I get with the program, I should lose the three pounds I gained and possibly more.  Here's hoping!!!!!

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Renee said...

Just keep your chin up. You are smart for paying attention to the patterns you are (and have) gone through. It's a marathon not a sprint, right? :) You're determination and healthy attitude will get you to your goal! Thanks for sharing your journey.