Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weigh In Week 1

Today is my first weigh in for Weight Watchers and it was a great one.  I have lost 7 pounds, which means I am down to 209 pounds already.  This is not really the norm for the week, but it is normal for my first week to be big.  I have lost my water weight which is common for the first week, and this time I had some bloating from my monthly friend that seemed to take a hike.  I really feel better.  I'm sure next week will be a different story.  I am happy to say that for my first week I did pretty good with the points.  I used all my daily points as you are suppose to do and 33 of my 49 extra weekly points.  This too is normal for me because it takes me a week or two to use up the food already in the house and get used to scaling down, but I was very happy that I didn't go over my extra weekly points.  They are there for special occations and I try not to use them when the plan really gets going. I am taking my vitamins and drinking my water and I can tell.

This week I will continue to work on scaling down my extra points used and on portion control.  I have a meal plan worked out that includes more fruits and veggies and some WW recipes that are favorites of Jennifer Hudson (I just think she looks fabulous).  I'm going to really work on the eating this week and then next week, when Clark is back on day shift, I will begin to add exercise and activities to boost myself.  I'm off to a great start!

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Libby said...

That's awesome! Congrats on a successful week!!