Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Slow down summer!

Boy, have I slowed down on this blog thing. The summer is just non-stop and I can't keep up. As if that is anything new. My big project is turning the spare bedroom (which was suppose to be my craft room) into Abbey's playroom. I decided that I'm just never going to be able to have my own space and I don't really have crafting time anyway, so I'm giving up the space I longed for to let my little girl have her own playroom. It has been very difficult to keep a clean living room when she uses it as her playground, so now we will not have any toys downstairs, plus we are going to give her the TV from our bedroom so she can watch videos. I don't want a TV in her room just yet, but in the playroom where she and others can watch will satisfy me. I know it seems silly, but that was the compromise for me and her dad. Anyway, with this new arrangement comes some decorating choices and "new" refurbished furniture. I will have pictures of that soon. Once I get in the mood to redecorate, it usually carries on into other rooms. So, I may have a lot of pictures for you. That is all I have to report for now, but I hope it temps you to return to my blog.

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Yoga Gal said...

Oooh, can't wait to see photos! :D