Monday, July 19, 2010

New Abbeyisms

I love when Abbey learns new things especially new phrases. I just wanted to share a few new things she amazed us with this weekend. She is so entertaining right now!

We were at Kroger Saturday and as we were checking out a couple of little boys in line in front of us had balloons. One of them gave his balloon to Abbey (and they say chivelry is dead). When we got home she played and played with it.

Abbey: I love my balloon, mommy.

Me: I know you do sweetheart. It was nice of the little boy to give you his balloon.

Abbey: This is just the best balloon I have EVER had!

Me: (laughing) It is?

Abbey: Yes, it is mommy!

When she woke up on Sunday morning and the balloon was flat she told her daddy, "I need to get another balloon from a little boy, daddy!" Daddy did not take that too well from his little princess. He is not ready to think about her and little boys.

Yesterday, Clark was having some friends over to play music and wanted to clean up the music room so they would have space. It still holds leftover yard sale boxes and some furniture projects for Abbey's playroom. He did make some room and as I was up stairs in the bathroom Abbey decided to go down and see what daddy was doing. All of a sudden my husband comes up stairs and asks, "Did you tell her to say that". The conversation went something like this:

Abbey: Daddy, you are cleaning up the music room a little.

Daddy: Yes, baby!

Abbey: That is a big first for you daddy.

I wish I had put that in her head, but I just can't take credit. She came up with that one on her own.

As we were leaving church last night, buckled into her seat, all the sugar given and good-byes waved, Abbey gazed out the window and says:

"Goodbye church, we will see you on Wednesday."

Pulling around the front, she points up at the steeple and says:

"That's a castle church, mommy!"

She knows her kingdom!


Mindy said...

How sweet and hilarious at the same time. Love it!

Renee said...

love it! what a sweetheart!