Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I love my Aunt J!!

I'm so excited, Abbey spent the night at Aunt J's house (Clark's sister) and did very well. She didn't cry at all and didn't ask for me or Clark very much. She has stayed with Aunt J numerous times on days that Meme can't keep her, but never overnight. This week was VBS at Aunt J's small country church so they were really trying to encourage members to bring kids. Since many from my family go there too, I wanted her to attend, and Aunt J has been asking for her to spend the night. It just seemed like good timing. Aunt J was teaching a class so my Aunt Jo went in to class with Abbey, to help out and to put her at ease. She loved Bible school there. I'm really glad that it all went so well. Now she has another place to spend the night if mom and dad have to go somewhere, especially over a long time. It will help Meme out too. What can I say, she loves her Aunt J!!

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