Monday, August 6, 2007

She's going to drive me nuts.

Everytime I see my little 5 year old cousin Courtney she asks, "Where is my baby cousin." She's not doing very well with the "having to wait" part. She's ready to see her cousin now. Her older sister has much more patience and understanding. Mom said that Courtney came by her house the other day to visit and saw the bassinet and stroller that I gave mom to use at her house. First Courtney got all excited thinking that the baby was here, then she wasn't sure about it when mom told her that those things were there because the baby would stay at Aunt Linda's sometimes. Courtney replied, "Why can't Carrie take the baby to her house to stay." It is really different trying to explain a baby to a five year old, but I love it. She has so many opinions about it. Last week in Sunday school, she decided to tell her teacher about the new baby cousin. She added that it was going to be a boy and she was going to name it Thomas. That was the first I had heard about that either of those. I tell her that she has to wait until after Christmas, when it gets close to Valentine's Day, but she still asks everytime I see her, "Where is my baby cousin."

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