Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Abbey at a baptism.

We are so joyous that my sweet cousin, Kayla, was baptizied last Sunday. She has been thinking about it for a while, talked to my dad, and talked to our preacher, then made the wise choice to become a Christian. It was a glorious day and a new experience for Abbey Claire. Keep in mind we are a very small congregation and a baptism doesn't happen very often. After her confession, my mom and I got up to help Kayla and her mom get ready. I told Abbey to stay with her daddy. My dad went to help the preacher get ready. Afterward, my husband told me about his conversation with Abbey.

Abbey: Where are they going daddy?

Clark: To help Kayla and Brother Dan get ready?

Abbey: But where are they going?

Clark: Into that little room right there.

Abbey: I think we need to go too.

Clark: No, we need to stay here.

Abbey: But we need to go in there.

Clark: No, let's stay here.

After they were in the water.

Abbey: Why is Kayla in there? Is she taking a bath?

Clark: No, just watch.

After church was over. Abbey says to Kayla.

Abbey: KayKay, I liked your bath.

Our family is so proud of Kayla's beautiful choice to "take a bath".

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