Friday, February 19, 2010


Well, work has been rather demanding lately. I even had to work last weekend, so although I did buy healthier food, we didn't go by my Pyramid meal plan. So, tonight I'm cleaning out the frig and cabinets and tomorrow I'm going shopping for "good" food. The meal plan will have to be adjusted just a little for Clark since the pyramid still contains too many starches and sugars for him, but he is just going to take my plan and tweek it a little. For the most part it will work for both of us. We had a slight arguement last night about the meal plan, mainly because I just don't think he will want to stick to it and will stop off and buy chips and cookies on his way home from work. It is so frustrating when you are trying to help someone for them not to be on board. It happens with health, with money, with house work, with kids and it is hard to deal with someone working against you all the time. But after our little spat I think we have arrived at the same page on the new eating lifestyle and I hope we will stick to it at least for a while. With summer coming up and so much fresh garden veggies, it should at least last through the summer. Anyway, if anyone has any additional ideas to get us started please share and I will continue to post our progress. I can say that just trying to eat better and exercising a little (not much) has helped me lose 5 pounds since the start of the year. I have an overnight trip in April and I already have the dress, but it would look so much better if I lost 8 pounds in the next two months. And my big goal is for my 10 year anniversary in August. We are going to the beach and I want to be at least 30 pounds lighter. One day at a time and I feel like I will get there. Enjoy your weekend and I will hopefully get back to posting more often since some of my larger work projects are past.

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Renee said...

First, congrats on your weight loss!! Way to go!! Slow and steady wins the race is never truer than when it comes to weight loss. :)
As for being a bit at odds with Clark about the eating plan, you are not alone. I fought that battle for a year and a half before Chuck read a book that changed HIS mind. Keep doing what you think is right for YOU. He will see the difference in you and, someday, something will click and give him the same motivation. It's hard to be patient but it's worth it, I promise. :)