Thursday, April 5, 2007


This is my new theory on my life. I think lately my world has been too chaoic and I haven't been able to enjoy the simple things in life like I once did. So my resolution is to simplify. I want to go back to just one job, so I think I will hang up the real estate license for a while. Simplify!!! I want to go back to being frugal, when I got excited over finding a good deal on clothes, or found something cool at a yard sale, and being able to save on our grocery bill. Simplify!!! I want to start freezer cooking again so I have time with Clark in the afternoons after work and I want to go fishing (I know you don't approve "Miss" Jan) to spend time with Clark doing something we both love. Simplifiy!!! Most of all I want my weekends and my sanity back to enjoy both in a comfortable setting (on the lake, at a yard sale, out camping, or just visiting family and friends) and not have to worry so much about a dirty house or dirty laundry because I'm able to keep up with those things during the week. I want to feed my creativity and not force myself to have a hobby because I think I need one (I haven't competed a craft or scrapbook project in four years). I want to simplify and enjoy!! I'll let you know how it goes. :)


renee said...

Good for you!! Boy, isn't this a challenge we should all take??! I hope you reap the rewards of your efforts very soon. :)

djbjlb said...

Since when did you worry about what I think? Just kidding! I give you my blessing and best wishes! How wonderful to be with Clark doing something you both enjoy.