Monday, April 11, 2011

Walt Disney World

I love Disney. I have always loved Disney and I am so excited that my sweet baby girl loves Disney too. Her favorite show has always been Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, she will go for anything if it has a Disney princess on it, and Tangled is her favorite movie. The ultimate vacation for this Disney loving momma and baby girl - Walt Disney World, of course. I have never been to WDW. My parents weren't very interested in taking me as a child so I just never went. As an adult, I haven't really had the money to go myself. Now, I'm making it a priority to take Abbey. It just so happens that Clark has never been either, and although he doesn't think he will like it very much, I'm out to prove him wrong.

To help with this goal, and on the advice of my friend Laura T. who has taken her boys to WDW a few times, I have been stalking the Couponing to Disney website to find great deals to help along the way. Basically she posts the best deals on the market and with her savings on things like groceries, gifts, and more she pays her way to Disney every year. When she uses a coupon, gets a rebate, or reward bucks on something, instead of just saying "Oh, I saved $$ on this." She takes that money that was saved and puts it in a fund. At the end of a year, she has enough money in the fund to pay for her family of four to go to WDW. The idea to me is a great way of using the savings you get by researching and being prepared.

I started my fund last year and used it recently to go on a last minute trip to Gatlinburg with the ladies of my family. It wasn't very big, but it did give me a little extra spending money. Now, I have to start over, but this time I am going to have a tally in the right column of my blog so I can be accountable to my friends on my blog and know just how much I am saving. I don't know that we will get to Walt Disney World next year, but we need a vacation badly and I want to be able to pay cash when we go. I think we should be able to save enough in the next three years to pay for WDW in cash and be able to really enjoy the experience of Disney.

If any of you are searching for the deals to save money, be frugel or fund a vacation, go check out Kristin is great!!!!!


Katie said...

I am excited for you- you guys will LOVE Disney World, even Clark! And then once you go to the park, next stop- Disney Cruise! :D

Carrie Mc said...

You will have to fill me in about your cruise. Where is it that you are going?

Renee said...

chuck didn't think he'd like it either but he was the biggest kid of them all!! good luck saving - cash is the way to go!!