Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I've been busy.

I have extended my garden this year to a 30x18 spot and boy has it been fun filling it up with seeds and plants. Last year we did fairly well with the tomatoes, but not so good with the other veggies (mostly due to the fact that I could seem to keep the weeds out). Well, this is a brand new year. Clark worked up a wonderful spot for me this year and I laid down garden fabric to help keep the weeds under control. So far I have planted 4 Brandywine tomato plants, 1 Cherokee Purple and I have one Sweet 100 to set out and some tomato trees that my father in law is giving me (I have no idea what they are, but the plants and the barrels to grow them in are free). I have also planted 12 cabbage plants and 4 pepper plants. From seeds I have planted one giant pumpkin, one baby pumpkin, one watermelon, two rows of sunflowers, four rows of bush beans, two rows of carrots, two rows of okra, 2 crook neck squash, one patty pan squash and one zucchini. I actually still have to plant my cucumbers and have room for one or two more rows. I think I will throw some lettuce out and see if I can get a late harvest of lettuce. I'm so excited to be growing so much of my own food this year and Clark has really pitched in to help. I've even bought Abbey her own trowel and hand rake so she can help too. This will be a big project for me this year so I will try my best to post pictures as things progress. If you can think of anything that I have missed that might work well in the spot I have left, let me know. We like to try all types of food and I especially like to try to grow things that other farmers around here don't. I can always go to the farmer's market to buy the normal stuff. Until next time, happy gardening!!!!!

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