Friday, July 11, 2008


Well, I canned my first batch last night and we chose Salsa. I cheated a little and got a seasoning mix to use, but we ended up with a good salsa. Clark really liked the flavor and it had just enough punch. Since most of my tomatoes are still green and they are larger tomatoes, not best for salsa or tomato paste, we bought 8 lbs. of Roma tomatoes from a farmer friend that Clark works with. It made 5 pints of salsa and all the lids were sealed good by this morning. So far, so good. Now tonight we will work on pickles. We also bought 15lbs. of pickling cucumbers and again I bought a cheat packet of dill pickle seasoning for the brine. I can't wait to work on it tonight. I enjoy seeing fresh food preserved. It brings back a lot of memories of how my family would pull together and put up food from our garden when I was young and it has become something that Clark and I enjoy doing together. I think my parents and grandmothers are impressed with us too.

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