Thursday, March 13, 2008

Let your garden grow!

I couldn't help but share this picture since Carrie B. has started blogging about her veggie CSA for this year. My goal is to grow some of my own food this year. Clark is getting a tiller and I'm going to have a garden. This is a picture of the tomato plants that I have already started from seeds. So far they look pretty good. They will go into the ground in the middle of April. I'm not sure what plants I have because I bought a multi seed packet with five different varities of tomato seeds. All of the planets are unique though and not something you would normally find at the grocery store or a farmers market. One of the plants is a white cherry tomato called an Italian Ice tomato. I'm looking forward to seeing what different things I can grow. I also plan to grow a spineless orka and pattypan squash. I can't wait. I will certainly blog about things as they "grow" :)


Libby said...

Oh, I would love to grow my own tomato plants! I'm not sure I could do it though. Is it too late? I don't already have some started.

Carrie Mc said...

It's probably not too late. I just started them a couple of weeks ago. They will be fine or you can wait until next month and just buy the plants.

Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

You can also buy some plants that have already been started, but not yet producing fruit.