Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'm back!!

Well, we had a wonderful time in Panama City and I'll have pictures later to show you, but I thought I would go ahead by saying that camping at the bay is not too bad, very clean and well taken care of. We enjoyed the calm bay water, much like being on the lake here, but I did miss being able to fall out of the door and be right on the beach and hearing the waves roll in. We did get to see the Airforce jets fly over a lot and even saw a Navy ship come in to port and restock. Clark said that the Navy ship was a smaller one that goes back and forth between the land and the big ship to restock it. I have pictures of that too. All in all it was a good trip. Clark is already asking where we are going to camp next and we had to go by an RV store on the way home to look at our future camping vehicle, a fifth wheel with a master suite. Plus he informed me that he would need a new duel wheel truck to pull the new camper. Big dreams! Anyway, the only bad thing (and its not really a bad thing) that happened was the biker rally at the beach. We didn't realize when we planned the trip that it was "Thunder on the Beach" biker week in Panama and you have to really watch out for the bikers coming in and out of traffic. We were on the other end of the beach from the festivities, but there were a lot of bikers staying in the camp grounds. Most of them were very nice and didn't make a lot of unnecessary noise and the bikes were nice to see (Harleys, Hondas, Gold Wings, etc.) I enjoyed our trip a lot and of course we spent some great time with our friends, Greg and Jana, and their son, Gavin. Gavin had Clark all over the place, he loves Clark and has to know where Clark is at all times. If Clark went back over to our tent for something, Gavin followed him. They played ball on the beach and hung out at the camp grounds. I think it is so sweet. I'll try to get the pictures downloaded this week so you can see them.

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djbjlb said...

Welcome home! Carrie, surely you got to ride on one of those Harleys. I have found that you just go up to the owner and ask for a ride and most of the time you get one! Love you both and glad you had a good time.